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Our Story

Eat Better, Be Better!

The Protein Plate concept is completely built around those words. We believe everyone on the planet wants to be better, but there is not many, if any places outside of home that you can trust to feed your need.  The Protein Plate is that place. 

The Moss family is behind the concept that makes The Protein Plate what it is. A family of athletes ranging from a bodybuilding father, Pro boxing mother, aspiring Pro Tennis and Football playing daughter and son, and finally a 2 and 4 yr old  son and daughter that are coming up destine for greatness!  We all have to feed our bodies the best food available to build, heal and perform at a optimal level. The same food that we eat is the same food we will offer to our guests at a very reasonable price.  Don’t settle, be amazing!

Eat Better

Be Better